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Keshav Raj

Carnatic Music Instructor

A Classical Carnatic Music Instructor who hails from India and currently devoting time serving as a Music Instructor teaching Thevaram, Thiruvasagam and Sangeetham to young people and adults all over the world.


Amutha Vellian

His teaching always remind me, Learn music slowly and accurately first then be confident when you do that


I have learned many of Kritanas and he has improvise me alot in vocal music. He is very passionate in music and inspiring his students too. He also has vast knowledge in music. He always make sure his students produce good performance after lessons. Feeling blessed and lucky to be student of Master Keshav.

Nandini Indiran

Master Kesavaraj’s Teaching Style:
I have been learning Sangeetham and Thirumurai from him since 2015 and I feel he’s the best in Raagam and Pann. He is very patient and has the tendency to break complicated parts in smaller chunks for students to learn with ease. I am humbled to mention that I have won many Thirumurai Competitions with his guidance and training. Thank you for believing in me, Master